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Amanda is a 500+ hour Experienced Yoga Teacher. Through extensive experience teaching groups and individuals with diverse needs and abilities, her focus is on mindful movement to help improve mobility, strength and flexibility.

In addition to the physical benefits, the practice incorporates breath-work and meditation to help you destress and build healthier coping mechanisms for the day to day demands of modern life.

Summyt: a derivation of the English 'summit', meaning peak or culmination of efforts, and the Arabic صمت (samt), meaning quietness or stillness.

Summyt Yoga was born from a desire to offer yoga and wellness in unique settings, detached from the usual day to day environment. Available to anyone who wants health and wellbeing as a part of their lifestyle, but hasn't found their place in the current world of yoga studios and classes.

We all have different priorities and obstacles, and at Summyt we want to support those needs with tailored programmes and insight. With over 20 years combined experience in yoga, fitness, anatomy and nutrition, we have a unique ability to make yoga and health fit around your lifestyle and work for you.

Photo credit: Wendy Liu

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